Weekend Wrap Up!

Weekend Wrap Up!

Good Monday morning lovelies! I hope you all had a great week.

The weather here has still been super yucky so I haven’t been able to do much outside, but this week it’s supposed to be a little better, so I should be able to get out there.  I’d love to plant some bushes or flowers in the yard, but with all the rain, I’m afraid they’d wash away.  So indoor activities it is.

  1. Netflix Original: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt written by the fantabulous Tina Fey – I am not ashamed to admit I watched this entire series on Thursday.  The whole thing.  Every Episode.  They are sitcom length and extremely enjoyable so they were very easy to watch.  I totally recommend it.  It is laugh out loud funny (which is to be expected with Tina Fey, Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, and Jane Krakowski), and they set it up nicely for a second season.
  2. Still by J Lo – This is my FAVORITE perfume!  Hands down, it’s the best, and it’s super affordable if you know where to look.  The only bad thing is, it’s super hard to find.  I mean REALLY hard to find.  It is probably the least popular of her many fragrances.  So when I saw a bottle at Ross I grabbed it, even though my other bottle isn’t completely empty.  Funny Story – When I still lived with my mom, I would always ask for this for Christmas.  She has gotten me every J. Lo perfume except this one.  I would even show her pictures of the bottle and the box, but she would forget and grab whatever J. Lo bottle she found.  It’s now a running joke.
  3. Saturday Scavenger Hunt – My husband and I are the youth leaders at our church and we took the youth out in the yucky weather for a around town scavenger hunt.  Some of the items were: a strangers autograph, a photo of a one way sign, and a video of the team playing duck, duck, goose in a parking lot (the parking lot was of a school on a Saturday so there was no traffic I promise).  They all had a blast and my team won.  They get candy bars on Wednesday as their prize.
  4. Taco Bell’s Frozen Lemonade – This is the start of the weeks food adventures.  Since the weather has been so horrible, I wanted to get a springtime/summer treat.  I stopped at Taco Bell and it was only an extra fifty cents to change my drink to a frozen lemonade so I went for it.  they describe it on their website as “tart, tangy, and sweet.”  I definitely found the tart, but had trouble finding the sweet.  It was pretty flavorless after you got past the sour punch of the lemon.  I don’t think I’d get this again.  I heard Chick-fil-a has a frozen lemonade with ice cream in it, so I might try that one instead.
  5. Dinner – A new Mexican restaurant opened up in a tiny town right across the lake from my tiny town.  Meaning we now have a restaurant five minutes away.  So we had to go try it.  I was super excited to find that it is owned by the same people who have another restaurant about the next town over, and their food is amazing.  I got a shrimp taco salad, the husband got an enchilada combo plate, which had four different types of enchiladas, and we got house dressing and guacamole for the chips.  It was fantastic!  It might be a problem that they are so close because we will definitely be back.
  6. Brown rice sushi – I decided to try some brown rice sushi since brown rice is supposed to be a little better for you than regular rice.  I’m pretty sure the fact that it’s covered in spicy mayo takes all the health benefits of the brown rice away though. It was pretty good.  The brown rice was a little firmer than white rice, so it changed the texture some.  I prefer the white rice but I would definitely eat the brown rice again.

To Do for this week:

  • Start cleaner eating
  • Finish the counter top update in the bathroom
  • Convince husband to repaint the bathroom (fingers crossed)
  • Finish my Bible study on Bartholomew for the College and Career class at church
  • Finish Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • Work on my knitted pillow case
  • Finish my About Me page
  • Walk at least 9 miles
  • Take apart the bed in the spare room
  • Wait (im)patiently for Crossed Roses by Breeana Puttroff to come out!

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything exciting, or do you have anything coming up?  Feel free to share it in the comments!  Have a lovely week!



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