I’m Feelin’ Lucky

I’m Feelin’ Lucky

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I hope you’ve all had a lovely day and wore green so you didn’t get pinched.  I had a pretty great and lucky day!  A local cupcake shop did a Facebook giveaway and I won!  Thanks Buttercups!  (Okay I’ll quit with all the exclamation points, can’t blame a girl for being excited.) 

Their name might sound familiar.  They were on the red velvet episode of Food Networks’s Cupcake Wars. 

Anyhow. They gave me a dozen cupcakes. Four Samoa ones, four vanilla ones, and four chocolate ones. 

They even added a cute little note.

And the photo you’ve all been waiting for. The goodies!

Now, it’s just my husband and I here, so there is no way we are eating all twelve before they go bad, even though he was super excited to hear that I won. 

So I took them to the office and gave one to my boss and one of my coworkers. Which didn’t make a dent at all!

But I have the perfect thing for them tomorrow. My mom is adopting two little girls that she’s fostered almost since they were born. They already are my sisters, but tomorrow we make it official.  They’ll love it. 

Sorry if I made you green with envy (hehehe) over my win, but I haven’t even eaten one today cause I’m positively green myself. With a stomach bug!  So I’ve got some green poweraid to settle the stomach, but as soon as I can handle it, I can’t wait for a Samoa cupcake. 

How was your Saint Patrick’s Day?  Did you remember to wear green? What did you do to celebrate?  Leave it in the comments!


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