Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

Hello All.  I hope your Thursday is going great.  Mine, not so much.  Before I got married, I never hurt myself.  I mean, I’ve always been klutzy, but it’s never been bad enough to do any actual damage.  Well, not anymore.  And when I do hurt myself, it’s always (slightly) pathetic.


In June of last year I broke my first bone.  It was my middle toe.  I was out shopping at Ross to get a can of designer hairspray at an actually affordable price.  I stuck it in the buggy but it slipped through the part of the buggy that a child’s leg goes through and landed right on my toe.  In my defense, it was a super large can of hairspray, and it lasted for almost a year.  (Darn right I bought the hairspray that broke my toe).

Well, accident number two happened yesterday on the way to church.  I was coming down the stairs on our front porch (in 5 inch wedges) and I slipped on a pollen pod and collapsed.  My husband helped me up and we went to church.  I figured if it didn’t stop hurting by the time church was over, we would go to the Emergency Room.  By the time church was over, it hurt worse, and I was limping pretty badly.  So off to the ER we go.

I got there and checked in, and realized that I had left my wallet at home.  So my husband had to drive the thirty minutes home to go and get it.  Luckily, the nurse went ahead and put me in a room while we waited for everything to come in.

So we went through a series of (painful) X-rays to find out that nothing was broken!  Thank goodness!  However, I severely bruised by calf muscle and might have torn the ligament that attached the muscle to the fibula.

So tomorrow I go back to work on crutches and have to keep my leg elevated and iced.  I have a super nice co-worker that is willing to fax things for me so I don’t have to move around much, which is great because I’m horrible (and dangerous) on those things.

There goes my goal in my weekly wrap up post of walking 9 miles this week.  I did make it 8 1/2, but that’s as far as it’s gonna get.  For this week and next most likely.  Hopefully this doesn’t put a kink in my vacation plans next weekend.

How is everyone else’s Thursday going?  Let me know in the comments below!


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