Save Haven Review aka Nicholas Sparks Weekend Part Two

Save Haven Review aka Nicholas Sparks Weekend Part Two

The second book I read in my Nicholas Sparks weekend (fourth I’ve ever read) was Save Haven.  I had already seen the movie, so there were no surprises, but I still really liked this one.  I loved the characters and the romance between Alex and Katie was very sweet.

I’m giving this one 4 Stars.

Alex’s character was probably my favorite.  He was awesome.  I really liked how dedicated he was to his children.  I know that this is a romance, but I love that when there was trouble, he was always worried about the kids first and Katie second.  That’s the way you would expect a parent, especially a single parent, to react.  He was very real.

But, here is the reason it didn’t get that fifth star.

Kevin is a little unbelievable.  Not that domestic violence isn’t unbelievable.  I know that it is a real problem, and I know that there are situations similar to Katie’s where the abuser is in authority, and it is almost impossible to escape.  My problem isn’t with the situation, it is with the character himself.

Spoiler Alert here.  Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to ruin anything.  If you’ve seen the movie and plan on reading the book, this wont spoil anything.

Considering how much vodka he was drinking he didn’t get alcohol poising until the very end of the book?  I don’t know much about alcohol poising and tolerance, but I feel like he should have gotten sick a long time before that.  Also, why didn’t he bleed out before she shot him?  His head, arm, and hands were bleeding but he was still able to put up a remarkable fight.

And the probability of Kevin finding her alias the way he did…yeah right.  I could see it all up until she was like, “she even looks like her, they were the same age and everything.”  This dude is a stranger.  At most you would say my parents really liked your wife.  She reminded them of my sister who is no longer with us.  The end.

Also, this book really reminded me of that Jennifer Lopez movie Enough.  Like it was eerily similar, but still different enough to not make it a rip off.

So over all I really enjoyed this one.  Have you read Save Haven?  What did you think?  Leave it in the comments below.


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