Everyone’s Favorite New Year’s Resolution: How I’m getting on

Everyone’s Favorite New Year’s Resolution: How I’m getting on

Hello lovelies!  Okay, so I don’t really do the whole New Year’s resolution thing, but this year I decided to make a conscious effort to eat healthier, lose the baby weight, and live a more active lifestyle.

It’s actually going quite well!  I’ve been cooking relatively healthy meals (except for the occasional stuffed crust pizza over the weekend) almost every night, have lost over 10 pounds, and have started walking more.

2016-02-10 17.02.242016-02-10 17.06.46

To help keep me active, I have really wanted an activity tracker, especially since i work a desk job.  I really wanted something that would help keep me accountable and track my calories.

When I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas, I finally got myself one.  I knew I wanted a Garmin because they have the move bar feature that will go off, letting you know you have been idle for too long.  So I started out with the Garmin vivosmart.  I chose that one because I didn’t think I needed the heart rate monitor (read didn’t want to pay for a heart rate monitor), it was back lit (unlike the vivofit), and showed your text messages and other phone notifications.  I also liked that it was very slim/sleek.

2016-04-22 08.34.50
Garmin Connect’s App.

I used the vivosmart for about two months and loved it.  I really like Garmin Connect, the app that pairs with it.  It is very user friendly and visually appealing to me.  The only thing I don’t like about Connect, is that, unlike the Fitbit app, you cannot log your calories directly to the app.  It will display your calories consumed and remaining in the app, but you have to log them with a different service, Myfitnesspal.  This is a very small inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

So about two months in, I realized that I actually did want a heart rate monitor, even though they were more expensive.  The biggest reason I wanted the one with the heart rate monitor now was that while pushing a stroller, my vivosmart wasn’t picking up my steps, since my arms were stationary.  I figured one with a heart rate monitor would make calorie counting more accurate when I exercised because if it couldn’t pick up the steps due to the stroller, it could still track the burn by my heart.  But I just couldn’t justify upgrading so soon when I only had this watch for two months.  When my husband and I were walking one afternoon, I asked if he would be interested in the vivosmart I had now if I ever upgraded in the distant future.  He was like totally!  He wanted one since I had one and told me that I could go out and get one with a heart rate monitor whenever I wanted and to just give him my old one.  (Looking at this now, it’s pretty funny that he asked for it.  He’s worn it maybe four times in two months.)

Then, I had to decide between a FitbitHR and a VivosmartHR.  VivosmartHR won out for the same reasons that I chose the vivosmart in the first place.  I wanted the move and text alerts, and the Fitbit doesn’t do that right now.

2016-04-22 13.30.11
VivosmartHR in purple. Yeah, the color is so dark you really can’t tell.

Things I like about the VivosmartHR:

  • Text Messages – I’ve mentioned this already loads of times, but I love it.  I can keep my phone on silent at all times now, cause the texts are right there on my watch.
  • Weather – With the new software update, there is now a four day weather forecast with the highs and lows for each day.
  • Lock Watch – Also with the new software update, you can lock the watch screen.  This is really nice because when I’m holding the baby she sometimes bumps it, and I’ve had my music turn on because it’s been touched.

Things that aren’t so great:

  • The Bald Spot – Since there is a heart rate monitor on this one, it makes a mark where it sits.  So at night, I wear it loosely so it doesn’t rub one spot for a constant 8 hours.
    2016-04-21 13.54.05
  • Blinded by the light – When I wear it loose at night, the green light of the monitor is bright as the sun in our dark room. It’s woken me up once or twice as I move around in my sleep.
  • Move Bar Vibration – This is more a problem with the software update than the actual watch. The first time I updated the software, the move bar completely stopped vibrating.  So I took the watch back to Bestbuy (it was still under manufacturer’s warranty), and got a new one.  After updating to the new software with the new watch, the move bar does still vibrate, but it’s a much softer buzz than it used to be and can be easily missed.  I hope when they put out the next software update they change it back.
  • Stroller Troubles – Now that I have the heart rate monitor, it will pick up my burned calories while walking with the baby, but it will still miss my steps.  The same goes while shopping and pushing a shopping cart.  I’ve heard this isn’t as big a problem with the Fitbit.

Having the vivosmartHR definitely helped me be more active, which is exactly what I wanted.  It’s not just about losing weight, but about becoming more active so I can keep up with baby Elizabeth.  I want to be able to play tag with her in the front yard without being immediately winded.  (Cause nothing says fun like mom about to pass out after chasing you for five minutes.)  And the activity tracker is just one way I’m doing that.  Another goal I’ve set is to try and run a 5K before the end of the year.  We’re doing the color run next month, and I started using the couch to 5k app to train.  Then, I hurt my knee and limped for almost an entire month.  So I’ll be walking that one, but maybe after I walk that one I can try training to jog again.

Do any of you wear an activity tracker?  What are some things you do to keep active?  Leave any suggestions and tips in the comments!  Oh, and I’m excited to see how many steps I’ll get at NTTBF 2016 this weekend.


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