It’s Gonna Be May: Weekend wrap-up and plans for May

It’s Gonna Be May: Weekend wrap-up and plans for May


Hello all!  I hope you had a lovely weekend!  Mine went really well.

Pictures from this week:

  1. Top Left:  Elizabeth giving mommy cuddles when she didn’t feel well.
  2. Picture of Elizabeth’s stats at her four month check up.  She is just one pound shy of double her birth weight.
  3. Meme reads: “Exposure to cold temperatures makes body fat easier to burn.  Researchers have found that putting ice packs on problem areas can burn extra calories.  Combine that with about 10 minutes of shivering (which burns as many calories ad an hour of exercise) and you can ‘literally freeze your butt off’.”
  4. Administrative Professionals Day gift.  Small post can be found here.
  5. Bottom Left:  Flowers my husband got me Monday when I was sick.  They’re surprisingly still alive.  Except for the one whose stem broke and we taped it back together with orange tape.  It died Saturday.
  6. Baby Elizabeth!  There is a newborn baby at church now, and it reminded me that Elizabeth will never be as small as she is now, so I’m taking more and more photos of her and cherishing these moments where I can still hold her in my lap with no complaints.
  7. The Girl on the Train.  I finished the audio book this week and was really impressed.  I liked how conversational the audio book was.  At the beginning, in Rachel’s sections, it felt like you were on the train with her, and she was telling you about her day.  I really liked the book, and I honestly thing that the audio book version is what made me like it so much.  I probably wouldn’t have liked it quite as much if I would have read it.  Mainly because it’s compared to Gone Girl  so much that I would have wanted to move on because it is not the same.  Nothing is; stop using that as a comparison.

This week was stressful.  End of the month is always super busy at work (and tends to put my boss in a bad mood).  Also, I was recovering from food poisoning on Monday and wasn’t quite right again until Thursday.  And Baby Elizabeth got her four month shots on Tuesday and was super cranky up until Friday.  So this weekend, I really focused on recharging and doing things that I wanted to do.

On Saturday I went out and celebrated my longest and bestest friend’s 25th birthday with her family and then went on a little shopping trip with baby Elizabeth.  We went to K-mart, the mall, Hobby Lobby (my favorite store that gets me in the most trouble), and Best Buy.  The only things that could have made Saturday better would have been stuffed crust pizza and my husband having the day off.  Then on Sunday we went to church and had an amazing service!  Then we relaxed the rest of the day with bellies full of Lemon Pepper Tilapia and The Office playing on Netflix.

Things I’m looking forward to in May:

  • April Showers Bring New May Flowers:  Hopefully all this ran will stop in May.  We’ve had pretty severe flooding in the area that, at one point, brought the lake all the way up to our property line.  Today, it’s raining heavily, but hopefully the rest of May will be dryer.
  • Book Club:  I’m attending my local Forever Young Adult book club for the first time this month, and I’m super excited.  I was going to go last month (I even read the book), but I forgot that I promised my aunt I would fix her hair for her senior prom.
  • DISNEY WORLD!:  My little family, along with my mom and sisters, are going to Florida this month and visiting Disney World and a few other places in Orlando.  I’m not looking forward to the 14 hour drive with a five month old and three other kids under the age of ten, but I’m still excited.  It’ll be nice to get away for a whole week since I didn’t get any real vacation last year (I had to save all my vacation time for maternity leave).
  • Anniversary:  This May is my husband and mine’s four year dating anniversary.  Yes, I still celebrate the dating anniversary even though we are married now.
  • Sweat:  This month is also our first 5k we’re doing this year, the color run!  Even though I didn’t get to train the way I wanted to to be able to jog it, I still think it’s going to be fun!

Things to work on this May:

  • Try to go outside to play with the baby when the weather is nice
  • Make more time for Date Nights
  • Have 2 people over for dinner
  • Packing for Disney with a checklist (and actually using said list)
  • Hit my next weight loss goal and wear the green dress
  • Hit my step goal more often than not
  • Start Elizabeth on some baby food (maybe even mashed potatoes)
  • FINISH Tracked by Jenny Martin
  • Moisturize more.  Fight the wrinkles!

How was your week last week?  Do you have any tips for any of the goals I’ve set for this month?  Leave it in the comments along with your plans for May!



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