Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Hello everyone!  I am super excited to share this tutorial with you!


I am a big fan of making wreaths.  You can see my spring wreath tutorial here.  That wreath has held up very well, and I get compliments on it all the time!  So I thought I’d make another for Christmas.

It’s almost always cheaper to make the wreath yourself, so I figured I’d give it a go.  I got everything except the base from the dollar tree and spent less than $20!


Green Floral foam wreath (Hobby Lobby) – $4.99

8 packs of ornaments (Dollar Tree) – $8

2 garlands in two colors (Dollar Tree) – $2

Snowflake ornaments (Dollar Tree) – $1

Total = $16!!

Step 1: 


First thing you’ll want to do is hot glue ornaments on the outside of the ring.  I did mine in stripes, but you can do it in random patterns with as many colors as you want.  When gluing the ornaments down, have the ends hiding towards the back of the wreath.  (My wreath has a few cracks in it cause the dear husband was throwing it in the air and trying to get it to land on his shoulders around his head.  He missed, and it broke apart.  I was able to hot glue it back together.)

Step 2:

Add garland around the wreath.  I added this to help fill in the gaps that you’ll see between the ornaments.  If you don’t want to add the garland, you don’t have to.  To add the garland, you stick it between the ornaments and hot glue it to the back of your wreath.  If using two colors, thread the garland between every other ornament.  Once you reach the end, hot glue it down to the back of the wreath.  They were both 9 feet long according to the package.  The silver one was just long enough, but the red one was a little too long.  So I cut off the excess and used it where I saw a major hole when I was finished.  (My husband really liked the garland only wreath.  If you’re looking for something simple and elegant, you can just wrap a green foam wreath with the garland.)

Step 3:


Add another layer of ornaments.  I recommend placing them before you start gluing them down to get a feel for how it will look.  When you glue them down, try to place the hanging end in-between the first layer of ornaments.

Step 4:


Add a third layer of ornaments.  I also recommend placing them before you start to glue them down because you will use less of them on this third layer than the other two.  If you would like, you can do another layer on the inside, but I stopped here so it would be easier to hang on the door.

Here is the finished three layer ornament wreath.


Optional Step:

Feel free to add any other ornaments or decorations to this such as a monogram, snowflakes, or even twinkly lights.  I added a pack of snowflakes that I had left over from last year’s decor.


And that’s it!  It only took about an hour to make and was ridiculously simple.  And for that price you really can’t beat it!

If any of you guys try this, let me know how yours turn out.



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