2016 Birthday Wishlist!

2016 Birthday Wishlist!

Hey everyone!  I saw a meme on Facebook, which not only made me laugh but inspired me to write up my 2016 Birthday Wish List.


My birthday is December 26th, so I’m used to combo presents and forgotten birthdays.  It doesn’t really bother me, because my mom has always made a point to celebrate my birthday separate from Christmas, so I never felt left out.  But these made me laugh, because I’ve definitely said those things in my head before.  And the great thing is, my husband knows how I feel, because his birthday is the 30th.  (I talked about birthday month here earlier this month.)


So without further ado, here is my birthday wish list!

  1. Apple TV – Best Buy $140
    I’ve wanted an Apple TV for a while now.  I’ve always had an iPhone and iPad, so I’ve bought lots of movies on iTunes.  But now that I have a MacBook too, I really want the  Apple TV.  It comes in handy when the internet messes up, (which happens at least once a month where we live) so I can play Sofia the First for the baby.
  2. Nikon D3400 – Best Buy $500
    I would really like a nice digital camera to really upgrade the quality of photos that I’m posting on here for you all.  Also, I have a super cute baby that I’m constantly taking pictures of!
  3. Leather Band for my Fitbit Blaze – Amazon $23
    I recently got a Fitbit Blaze, and I love it!  The old watch I had was a dark purple, so it basically matched everything.  The new one is black, so when I wear browns or blues, it don’t go so well.  This would match when I wear those things.
  4. Coach Perfume – Dillards $75
    I love the way this smells but have never bought it for myself because I’m not one hundred percent sure how it will smell on me.
  5. Michael Kors Hamilton Tote – Dillards $280
    I usually get myself one nice bag a year.  Two years ago it was a grey tote for my birthday and last year it was a light purple tote for Mother’s Day.
  6. Antler Shirt – Sunshine and Clotheslines $34
    This boutique is owned by my cousin’s wife.  In October, she posted that she was going to get this tunic, but it was so back ordered by her supplier that she said she wouldn’t be able it get it.  Well, he sent her a message, and she was able to grab a few!  I’ve got to have it!  Check out those elbow pads!
  7. Snooga Athletic Skirt – Snooga $60
    I have wanted a skirt/leggings combo for my workouts.  I don’t like that you can see the leggings sticking out of the skirt.  I’ll have to roll them up a little.
  8. Pompom Dress – Skirt Societ $50
    I love love love just about everything at this shop!  This is my favorite dress there right now.
  9. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Target $20
    These are so in and super warm!
  10. Owl Bookends – Amazon $23
    I collect owls and would love a set of bookends for my “currently reading” section, or on my desk.

What does your Birthday Wish List look like?  Let me know in the comments!


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